Welcome to the head


Run out of the room

There is no more room on this blog to put my work. And its not half finished. Therefore I am leaving the doors open on this blog but I will not be adding to it. Instead my work will appear in many other places. Hope you’ll join me.





I also write a regular blog about other artists. And there are many, many fine ones.




Without windows

This is the only gallery in a room without doors. You have to will yourself in. Its called “Rooms”.

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Bed lungs

Ave a look ear. phild width foon. May mummy licked it. And she has bed lungs. May 2012.

The Foolest Month

What a month for invention. And how close is that to deceit. April is the foolest  month.

Have a look. April 2012

Her endless line of louvres

Did it rain? I remember there was very little snow. None as I recall. So why wasn’t the new wing of the salon opened up. I blame it on Mildred. And her endless line of louvres. Well, come join us.

March 2012